Very Special Raw Puer

Unique & Memorable


VERY SPECIAL RAW PUER™ is foraged from ancient purple tea trees that grow wildly in the few remaining untouched, old-growth forests of Yunnan. It has natural antimicrobial properties which help to strengthen the immune system, promote anti-aging and boost metabolism.  Large-leaf tea tree buds in a stunning array of colours, this very special tea is delicate yet complex, savour it over the course of the day and let its flavours unravel over each brew.

each serving can be brewed up to 5 times

HOW TO BREW_ For a single serving brew 3 grams (3 heaping tsps) of tea in 300ml filtered water, just off the boil (100 ̊C) for 1 minute, best enjoyed without milk.

INGREDIENTS_ organic raw puer tea leaves

STORAGE_ store in a cool dry place and away from direct sunlight

Sample 6g  approx. 2 serves in this pack
Gift Box 90g approx. 30 serves in this pack
Bulk Box 200g approx. 66 serves in this pack

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