Meaningful Green

Uplifting & Rejuvanating


MEANINGFUL GREEN_™ is a hand-crafted blend of artisanal green tea leaves, red clover flower, lemon verbena, and gynostemma. The antioxidants and nutrients contained within this tea help to promote anti-aging while boosting immunity and vitality.  A green tea to fall in love with, it embodies the most brilliant characteristics of it’s class, delicious, smooth, vibrant and nourishing.

_each serving can be brewed up to 3 times

HOW TO BREW_ For a single serving brew 3 grams (3 heaping teaspoons) of tea in 300ml filtered water, just off the boil (90 ̊C) for 1 minute, best enjoyed without milk.

INGREDIENTS_ organic green tea leaves, organic red clover flower, organic lemon verbena, organic gynostemma, may contain traces of pollen.

STORAGE_ store in a cool,dry place and away from direct sunlight.

9g approx. 3 serves in this pack
50g approx. 16 serves in this pack
250g approx. 83 serves in this pack

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