Live Long & Prosper_™

Nourishing & Revitalising


LIVE LONG & PROSPER_™ is a bighearted and one-of-a-kind tisane made up of vibrant schisandra berries and lush gynostemma vine.  Wildly grown and collected by hand, these two adaptogenic herbs have been used traditionally to increase physical and mental stamina, improve the body’s ability to deal with stress, and promote anti-aging_

HOW TO BREW_ For a single serving brew 3 tsp (3 g) of tea in 10 fl oz filtered water, just off the boil (212°F) for 3-4 minutes; best enjoyed without milk

*Each serving can be brewed up to 3 times_

INGREDIENTS (grown in biodiverse and organic environments)_ schisandra berry, gynostemma

STORAGE_ store in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight

Sample 9 g (.3 oz) approx. 3 servings*
Small Box  110 g (3.9 oz) approx. 36 servings*
Large Box 300 g (10.6 oz)  approx. 100 servings*

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