Complete Blessing Oolong_™

Luxurious & All-encompassing


This high mountain, large-leaf oolong has been skillfully crafted to highlight the deep and intricate layers that embody this style of tea. COMPLETE BLESSING OOLONG_™ is packed with antioxidants which promote anti-aging and help to reduce inflammation, while polyphenols contained in the tea are associated with longevity and assisting in weight management.  Only a true tea artisan has the skill and experience to craft a luxurious oolong such as this one. It is of exceptional quality with beautifully big leaves_

HOW TO BREW_ For a single serving brew 3 tsp (3 g) of tea in 10 fl oz filtered water, just off the boil (212°F) for 1-2 minutes, best enjoyed without milk

*Each serving can be brewed 3-5 times_

INGREDIENTS (grown in biodiverse and organic environments)_ Taiwan oolong tea leaves

STORAGE_ store in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight

Sample 6 g (.2 oz) approx. 2 servings* 
Small Box
25 g (.9 oz) approx. 8 servings* 
Large Box
150 g approx. (5.3 oz) 50 servings*

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