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Are any of your products certified organic?

Thank you for asking!

In truth, some of our herbs are certified organic, however we choose not to focus on this or any other certification. We have visited countries of origin enough times to know that unfortunately things aren’t always what they seem. Meaning, it takes a lot of capital for a producer to achieve this level of certification and often times the producers we work with are either so small that they don’t have the extra money to go through the certification process, or it is simply not of any value to them. This perception is easier to understand once you realize that, while not always the case, often these certifications can also be purchased by unethical means with little to no legitimacy of the strict criteria of what is meant to be certified organic, fair trade, etc.

WBTC is committed to quality and health and we only partner with growers who are passionate about achieving these means by utilizing biodynamic farming methods, as well as artisans who are experts in the craft of producing exceptional teas. This combination naturally lends itself to a situation where the use of harmful chemicals are not necessary for growth, and high quality of life is a byproduct of doing something that is in service to people and the environment. These commitments allow us to reap the many benefits in the end product we consume.

What are adaptogens?

Humans have been consuming adaptogens holistically for centuries. They are popular in ancient cultures and are finally starting to make a name for themselves in the West. These herbs embody chemical properties that offer benefits such as increased energy and mental alertness, and they are also known to assist the body in its ability to deal with stressors that often result in anxiety. These benefits are a result of adaptogens’ ability to balance hormones, causing a return to homeostasis that also has a positive impact on immunity, digestion, mood and sexual health. Adaptogens are best utilized by the body when they are unprocessed and best for the environment when they are grown in biodiverse conditions.

Just like caffeine, all bodies react differently to adaptogens so you may want to try our Live Long & Prosper for the first time in the morning in order to gauge the level of energy and alertness it provides. Remember this is a holistic reaction in the body that is more subtle, unlike caffeine which is best known for its heart-thumping stimulation.

Do you use all natural ingredients in your products?

This is a very important question.

If an ingredient label states that something is made of ‘Natural Ingredients’, what does that mean? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does their best to protect consumers by mandating that ‘Natural’ claims on products should imply that the product is made up of natural ingredients, i.e. ingredients nature has produced, not man made or interfered with by man. However, research indicates only one or more ingredients are truly “something that existed in, or was formed in nature” (Macquarie Dictionary definition of Natural). Furthermore, ‘Natural Ingredients’ typically contain only a portion of the ingredient that was initially found in nature. It is then combined with up to 100 more ingredients often resulting in a product that offers an intense burst of flavor that quickly dissipates so that the consumer quickly comes back for more (Environmental Working Group). Essentially, it is a chemical (that was once natural) that is added to solvents and preservatives created to trick your brain into consuming more. It’s an unauthentic way to make something appear better than what it really is.

When you read our ingredient label, what you see is what you get. We’ve tried to simplify this further by showing on our packaging exactly what you are purchasing (and therefore consuming in your body) on a macro level. Real, pure products are delicious on their own, as nature intended, and do not require any kind of voodoo to make you fall in love with them.

Are any of your products caffeine free?

The short answer is YES. All tea leaves contain caffeine and two of our tisanes were created for those who are trying to avoid caffeine – Herb Garden and Live long & Prosper.

However, it is worth noting that adaptogens are found in many of our teas including both of our tisanes. See the question about Adaptogens for more information.