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A note from our founder

Isn’t tea the best? It’s an existential experience that means something different to everyone, be it the ritual, the flavor, or the boost holistic benefits. As a Certified Tea Master, Tea Sommelier, and lover of nature and all things delicious, it is understood that quality is a critical contribution the experience. In order to achieve the highest quality, the land, farmer and tea artisan must all be in sync with the same objective. That is why we travel to farms to ensure that we aren’t making baseless claims, but rather confirm that our tea is grown without chemicals, in fair and equitable conditions, and processed by skilled artisans focused on purity. The end result is what sets Whistle Blower Tea Co. apart from other brands.

Here’s to the journey being the reward_

Where will the journey take you?

Tea is an unforgettable and rewarding journey… and we can take you anywhere you want to go_

Curious about life and yearn for meaningful experiences that give context to the world in which we live? We get you. Let us cater a memorable experience just for you. Imagine a 3-day educational tea retreat in the majestic and serene Flint Hills of Kansas, or perhaps you’d rather travel with us on a life-changing trip to a country of origin. We can organize a bespoke adventure that will stay with you forever.

Prefer to explore from the comfort of your home? We are always happy to arrange virtual tastings as well.

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