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We’re committed to partnering exclusively with growers who care about health from crop to cup, and who work to foster biodiversity on their farms_ The result is tea in its truest form_ delicately crafted, vibrant and full of naturally-occurring protection for the body_

When you drink a cup of organic Whistle Blower Tea Co. tea_ you’re doing more than nourishing yourself from the inside out_ you’re supporting traditional tea farmers_ preserving ancient artisanal traditions_ and promoting sustainable growing conditions_

With each sip_ you strengthen a rising movement of balance_ health and happiness among tea growers and tea drinkers around the world_

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“Whistle Blower teas are the most beautiful, interesting and satisfying teas I have ever tried. ”
Alhambra F.
“I wasn’t into tea until I tried the Meaningful Green, but Whistle Blower is completely different from anything I had tried before. All their teas are beautiful and special and and something I want to share with my close friends.”
Amanda S.
“I love starting my day with the energizing Oolong or Soul Chai, and enjoying a cup of Herb Garden before bed. I also really enjoy sharing these teas with friends and family, who are always as delighted by them as I am.”
Rachel S.
“Whistle Blower teas are one of my go to gifts for every occasion. The gift pack is an excellent introduction to this beautiful collection of teas.”
Sara R.
“I've always been a coffee drinker, and still am. But since I found Whistle Blower teas I drink tea every day too. The tea keeps me going throughout the day, without making me feel jittery. It also helps me feel less hungry so that I'm not as tempted to snack all day long. ”
Al B.
“The Herb Garden tea is the perfect thing to enjoy after dinner. It helps me digest and its sweet essence makes me feel like I'm having a delicious dessert. ”
Katie M.

we pledge to go beyond labels to ensure purity and peace of mind with every purchase